1st Floor : Sleep Museum / Latex Products

As sleeping is an important and inevitable component of human life, innovators seek ways to invent new bedding technology from time to time. Sleep Museum outlines all these stories and portray the history of sleeping and bedding from different eras. Then, take you to the modern days of bedding innovations in which LATEX leads as the top quality material for beds, mattresses and pillows. Knowledge on the whole latex production processes from extracting the latex from natural rubber tree until producing the final product are shown through our Sleep Museum.

Latex is the term for milky fluid, a product obtained absolutely from the nature. The latex especially from the Para Rubber Tree is known for being the best material for bedding and pillow products as it is a more preferable alternative to memory foam due to their superior properties and characteristic of being natural. All products are made from 100% natural latex (no synthetic substances and no chemical added) entirely from Thai rubber trees, which have been grounded in the best humid tropical climate of Southern Thailand.

2nd Floor : Shopping Mall

Discover Variety of Brand Name Products

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Beauty & Spa

Never miss a trends! meet varieties of Thai and world class brands of cosmetic, perfume, wellness and spa.

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Leather & Bag

Meet high quality leathers products, luggages and Thai famous bags at leather zone.

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Food & Snack

Enjoy snack from 24 Thai leading packaged food brands. This could be delicious souvenir ever.